What Clients Say.....


"SpaceScript has delivered a high quality message for Integrasys. They have a great knowledge of the space and satcom industries. SpaceScript has helped us to send the right message to our partners and customers in the satellite industry."

- Alvaro Sanchez,  Sales & Marketing Director, Integrasys

"Helen has effectively become an extension of our marketing team at NOORSAT. She has assisted us with creation of content of all kinds. Her understanding of the satellite industry and her writing skills enable her to deliver high quality content in a timely manner. She has also helped us to execute aspects of our marketing strategy"

- Omar Shoter, CEO, NOORSAT

"Helen is a pleasure to work with. She is an excellent writer, knowledgeable and professional. She always meets deadlines on budget and I have been very pleased with the quality of work."

- David Helfgott, CEO, Phasor